Steve Hill never imagined he’d be running for Congress when he was growing up on the north side of St. Louis. Joining the Marines was Steve’s way to escape the poverty-stricken area while continuing the family tradition of military service. Steve has had a family member serve in every war since the Civil War. Most recently, his father fought in World War II, his brother fought in Vietnam, and a nephew fought in the recent conflicts in the Middle East.

Steve Hill followed up his service in the military with a career in the aerospace industry and, when that career no longer appealed to him, he became a correctional officer and worked in two different maximum security prisons (C.C.I. and CSP-LAC). Nowadays, Steve Hill owns a small real estate appraisal business, and he also does stand-up comedy. Steve’s comedy focuses on race, religion, and politics – the two third rails of American culture.

Steve joined the Marines right out of high school.

Steve doesn’t shy away from difficult topics. His main goals, if he were to go to Congress, would be to get money out of politics, to reform education, and to work on police reform. None of this will be easy, but Steve has a heart for advocating for the powerless and offering the voiceless a way to get their voice heard.

That’s not all that’s not easy! Steve Hill is also an atheist and a self-described Satanist, though, like many modern Satanists, he does not believe in the supernatural. Rather, he wants to shake things up with a symbol of rebellion against entrenched, overly-comfortable authority. “If I have to tell people I’m the devil to get them to listen, then OK, I’m the devil.

Steve Hill
Steve Hill is the candidate who wants to return power to the people.

Steve Hill will be a strong advocate for the people of the 25th District. In order to emphasize his devotion to the people, not the entrenched establishment, he will be accepting donations from individuals only. No corporate money will be accepted by his campaign.

Vote for Steve in 2022, and let your voice be heard in Washington once again!

Anc be sure to see Steve when he’s on stage.